About me

My name is Paul Semel. Since more than 3 years now, I'm studying computer science at EPITA (Paris, France).

Few months ago, I joined the LSE (System and security laboratory of EPITA), because I wanted to go furthur on stuff like system development and system security. That's where I met really nice people with which I like to spend my time doing CTFs and a lot of dumb stuffs..

Since the beginning of my studies, I've done some cool projects like :

  • Writing a bash-like shell program (with AST construction etc..)
  • Writing a linux dynamic linker (LDSO) github
  • Implementation of a stack bad usages detector using binary analysis (Valgrind)
  • Beginning of the development of a 64 bits kernel with some simple features like dynamic module loading, or paging (the repository is not public for the moment, will be soon).

I'm trying to specialize myself in system development (with of course security interest) I'm currently doing my internship at Amazon in Dresden, Germany, where I'm working on the Xen Server hypervisor.

The purpose of this blog, is to write things about work I'm currently (or not) working on, and to talk with you about it. So feel free to leave comments, it'd be a pleasure to answer you !

Some links :

Have a nice reading!

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