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I'm a computer engineering student who loves system security and developpment. I only write those posts for fun and to share my work for anyone who might be interested.
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Detecting bad stack usages using Valgrind Core API

By Paul Semel on Oct, 02 2017

Abstract : In this post, we will see what strategies we must employ to be able to detect bad stack usages such as buffer overflows.

Forbidding libc calls with DynamoRIO

By Paul Semel on Apr, 29 2018

Abstract : In my school, there are projects that involves forbidding a few libc functions. Let's see how we can detect cheaters !

Command line replacements in LLVM Binutils

By Paul Semel on Aug, 13 2018

Abstract : In this post, I will present the work I've done during my GSoC 2018 for LLVM

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